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PMS, Memory, & Anxiety-Gingko Could Help!

Ginkgo Biloba is a plant native to Asia, China, Japan and Korea. The seeds have been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine thousands of years ago, but more recent applications of Gingko Biloba uses leaf extracts (1).

Fresh ginkgo seeds could kill you (2)

One study found that a specific extract of ginkgo helped reduce symptoms of anxiety after four weeks of treatment (3).

Some evidence suggests taking ginkgo in combination with Panax ginseng can enhance memory in healthy adults and the combination might be more effective than the individual products (4-6).

Have vertigo? Gingko could help. Two studies show that ginkgo leaf extract could improve symptoms of vertigo (7-9).

Ginseng could also help with PMS especially with relieving breast tenderness and psychological symptoms according to another study. Taking 80 mg of gingko leaf extract twice daily starting on the 16th day of the menstrual cycle and continued until the 5th day of the following cycle for up to two cycles (10-11).

Taking ginkgo leaf extract orally does not seem to prevent winter depression symptoms in patients with seasonal affective disorder (12).


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