November | Thanksgiving

Who we are thankful for?

Thanksgiving is only a few days away! Our company, Natural Subsistence, is very grateful for our dedicated employees. We are thankful for having a hardworking, committed team. Here are the reasons why:

1. Natural Subsistence cares about our customer’s health. Our company has a goal we are all working to achieve: We believe that without your health, it’s difficult to enjoy life. We work together to formulate our dietary supplements to complement every aspect of your health, so you can live life to its fullest. We always use high quality and pure ingredients to give you the best value. We stand by our products and always offer a 110% satisfaction guarantee.

2. Our employees work as a team. We believe working together makes our company more successful. Each individual staff member is motivated, valuable, and talented. We are thankful for their talents, positive energy, and good nature our employees show to each other each day.

3. Natural Subsistence as a company is working to reinvent industry standards. Natural Subsistence is quickly reinventing a new name in the dietary supplement industry. We focus on product quality, customer satisfaction, and innovation. Natural Subsistence owes it’s success to our fabulous team! We’re thankful that our employees for setting the bar high!

4. Our employees bring plenty of creative ideas to work everyday. Each employee has unique skills and talents. However, they share a common trait; to succeed at their job responsibilities while keeping the motivation to get it done. Because of this, we are thankful for their diverse opinion and inspiration in the workplace.

5. We are thankful for our employees patience. Because we are continuously working to raise industry standards, we need to move quick, sometimes at the drop of a hat. Our employees are always patient with taking on last minute requests and duties to get the company in the direction it needs to go to in order to be on top.

Get to know our employees on a more personal level. Here is what our employees are thankful during this Thanksgiving season:

“I’m thankful for waking up on this side of the ground this morning.” -Greg

“Thankful for my dad and family….Also what Greg said.” -Josh

“I am thankful for my son’s girlfriend, glad he has a good girl in his life. I’m glad too I have a new Toyota pick up truck.” -Gene

“I’m thankful for my dog, Chickie.” -Anson

“I’m thankful for my family and dogs.” -Matt

“I am thankful to have friends, family, and pets who are always there for me.” -Holly


From our company family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!


(Here are pictures of Marley the cat and Chickie!)



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