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Our #1 priority is to bring you optimal and affordable dietary supplements that optimize your health and make you feel great! We are constantly listening to your comments, concerns, and feedback on all of our products. Our latest product line was developed especially with you in mind! Please welcome…(drumroll please)…Natural Subsistence Fusion product line!

We’ve reformulated and rebranded our Panax Ginseng dietary supplement and Turmeric Complex. Not only is our new label easier to read, you will find each capsule containing a larger amount of our already potent ingredients inside each capsule to help you maintain excellent health! You’ll see that our Panax Ginseng dietary supplement is now called, Ginseng Fusion. The same goes for Turmeric Complex is now branded as, Turmeric Fusion.


Ginseng Fusion

Ginseng Fusion is newly improved to contain two types of Panax Ginseng concentrations to give you a well rounded sense vitality, wellness, and energy. Ginseng Fusion contains an extra 125 mg of quality Panax Ginseng as compared to our original formulation. Ginseng Fusion contains a pure standardization of 80% Ginsenosides, which is a constituent of ginseng.  


Turmeric Fusion

Turmeric Fusion has been reformulated to give you all the anti inflammatory properties turmeric is known for. When compared to our original Turmeric Complex formulation, Turmeric Fusion has twice the amount of turmeric, twice the amount of curcumin, and four times the amount of black pepper extract to give you the most absorption! Turmeric Fusion contains both potent constituents of turmeric, curcuminoids and curcumins to give you more anti inflammatory properties in every capsules. The potency of Turmeric Fusion fights joint inflammation at its roots.


Tart Cherry Fusion

Tart Cherry Fusion is our newest dietary supplement and becoming one of our most popular sellers. The inspiration to formulate Tart Cherry Fusion is to help those who suffer from uric acid build up around their joints. A common natural antidote for gout related “flare ups” is to drink cherry juice. Cherry juice for gout is similar to cranberry juice for urinary health. Cherry juice and even cherries themselves for that matter contain anthocyanins, which are natural antioxidants found in red and purple fruits and vegetables. Large amounts of anthocyanins are found in blueberries, cherries, and especially tart cherries. Anthocyanins are responsible for cleaning uric acid from our bodies.

In every two capsules of Tart Cherry Fusion, you will find a pure standardization of of proanthocyanidins derived from grape seed extract, a high concentration of tart cherry, and black pepper extract for enhanced absorption.


Expect Horny Goat Weed Fusion as the next dietary supplement to be inducted into our Natural Subsistence Fusion product line along with many more! What other dietary supplements do you want formulated? Let us know in the comments!

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