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Add These 6 Colors to Your Diet Today!

Get a grip on your health by protecting your body from free radicals. Free radicals are the little buggers that read havoc in our healthy cells. Free radicals are always lurking everywhere. Kind of like the villains in superhero movies. Except they exist in broad daylight and aren’t always necessarily lurking in dark alleys. Antioxidants wear the cape and are the super heroes to our healthy cells when they come into contact with, the villains, the free radicals.  Free radicals hang out in UV light, environmental pollution, household chemicals, cigarette smoke, and are found processed foods. Even when we are stressed out, free radicals take advantage of our vulnerability and prosper when we are emotionally stressed.

Since summer is literally around the corner, fruits and vegetables will be at their peak! This allows for more color in our diets; thus more antioxidants we eat!  Fresh herbs and spices are also antioxidant powerhouses and are often overlooked.


  • Add fresh herbs on top of your dishes as a garnish and as an extra kick of flavor.
  • Top marinated or pickled vegetables on top of your burger or sandwich. (Eggplant and peppers are great additions!)
  • Make a fruit salsa (mango and peaches are excellent!)
  • Like eggs in the morning? Chop up a zucchini, tomato, or spinach and make a veggie scramble.
  • Tired of green salad? Get some antioxidants from grain salads, using wheat berries. Make your own “herby” dressing for even more antioxidants.

6 Colors to Eat By!



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